Friday, December 25, 2009

Foodie Friday-Christmas Classics

Merry Christmas to all! I'm a bit late posting this, but at least it's still Friday!

Earlier today, we enjoyed dinner with some friends at their home. My contribution was a smoked ham that was given a brown sugar, orange and mustard glaze. Oh my, oh my, was it ever delicious!
I also brought chocolate-raspberry squares to share, but I left one dessert at home...a pan of gingerbread. This evening, we topped the moist, spicy cake with lemon sauce.

It was a traditionally perfect ending to a peaceful and lovely day.

I hope everyone had a beautiful and blessed Christmas.


PS: Please stop by Designs by Gollum and see who served what this holiday. Our hostess, Michael Lee, has Mr. Linky up, running and ready to assist you.


  1. That looks just like the gingerbread I make!! I put lemon sauce on mine too. YUM!! (See where I posted the recipe in November post, titled "gingerbread". )

  2. I've never thought of putting lemon sauce on gingerbread, but we love it on everything else! Yum! Yum!

  3. Your ham looks delicious--but I am craving gingerbread. I am STILL cleaning my kitchen. I may never get it clean. LOL Have a great 2010.

  4. I love gingerbread with warm lemon sauce. I have a tree full of lemons out the front door, just no gingerbread in the house. Dang, I hate when that happens! Cute blog!

  5. yummy yummy....So glad to be back to reading my favorite blogs....and off a ladder decorating trees...
    I am so glad that I joined the blog world....and have made so many sweet friends....Blessings in 2010 Your blog header for the holidays was one of my VERY favorites...

  6. Your ham looks great! I love the smell of ham cooking.....yum. Hapy Holidays:)

  7. Dinner looks delicious..
    We are home and Mike is making dinner. He made sauce yesterday and eggplant parm and stuffed shells are being made as I sit here and type..:)
    It snowed, and it is all frozen on the streets, so we are staying in.
    I hope we can go to my sister's in Huntington tomorrow for a family gathering..My nephew and his wife who is a doc at ST Jude's Children's Hosp are up from TN. and I really want to see them and the rest of the kids too!
    So I just dropped in to chew your ear off and wish you good health and many blessings in 2010! Cheers!

  8. That gingerbread had me craving it again! I so love it! Great photo too!

    I'm having a little New Years Give away too... stop by and enter if you get a chance...
    ~Really Rainey~


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