Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas in the City

Thought I would post a few more pictures of the Christmas street vignettes scattered around our home. These buildings and accessories are from the Department 56 series called Christmas in the City. If you've ever lived, worked or just visited Manhattan, I think they may bring back a memory or two.

Perhaps you've been to a see a show at Radio City...
and have seen the lovely Rockettes.Maybe you've gone to a Broadway show and have tried to get an autograph from one of the stars.
You may have walked by this synagogue in mid-town. This building is an amazingly accurate reproduction.If you were very brave, you probably rode the subway. Hopefully you didn't fall on a patch of that famous sidewalk ice!
Walking the streets, you might have caught sight of more than one couple who were desperately in love. Looks really hopeful, doesn't she?
You may have seen a fabulous toy shop...
or prehaps you bought flowers from a street vendor.Maybe you saw a business man getting a shoeshine on the street.Did you ever see Christmas trees being sold in the middle of the sidewalk?
And there are always Policemen around, although everytime I've asked one for directions they don't seem to know where to go!I'm old enough to remember organ grinders and their monkeys...and the sidewalk newstands, although they are almost all gone now.I hope that you've enjoyed this little tour, and that perhaps it's stirred a memory or brought a smile. Everyone should see the 'City' at least once at Christmastime!


  1. What a display and thank you for sharing! How carefully you've arranged them!

  2. All the little people really make the town come alive!
    Merry Christmas!

  3. O I loved this! I just went to NYC earlier this month and did and saw lot's of your "village" -- there's no place like it there -- I'm trying to catch up now that the whirlwind is over -- thank you for your recent visit!

  4. Love that! Even though I live in NY, I rarely go to the city.
    Someday I will tell you the story of when I took my 5th grade class to Radio City the week before Cmas..I still haven't recovered!!!
    Your village is just lovely..but I am too old to start a collection..I have one Studio 56 piece, the Cmas Eve church..


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