Monday, December 14, 2009

Deck the Halls-Week 3

Most of our Christmas decorations now involve our large collection of Department 56 Christmas houses, but we still have a few favorite items that we display every year. The Father Christmas that I made a number of years ago always has his place of honor. He's built on a large styrofoam cone and wire apertures. His gown, hat and sack are sewn, then saturated with fabric stiffener and draped on the form. Once he's dry, which takes forever, he's then given a liberal coat of gesso and painted. The final step is to apply an antiquing solution. I really look forward to bringing him out every year.
We always decorate our mantle, and with the exception of new battery operated candles this year, it pretty much has stayed the same for the last 2 years. The wreath is dotted with tiny white lights, which weren't on for this picture.
Most of our Christmas houses are in the huge wall unit in the living room. While I'm not terribly fond of this monstrous piece of furniture, it does serve its purpose this time of the year. Our builder drilled holes in all of the shelves to accomodate the wiring.
There's a city scene on the dresser of our master bedroom.
We also have a second tree in here, and it's a nice spot to watch a Christmas movie while my husband's watching hockey!
New this year is a scene on the small sideboard in our dining room. Victoria Station is a large piece, and really didn't fit any where else.
We even have city houses on top of our kitchen cabinets. The builder installed outlets up there to accomodate the plugs.
Each shelf in the living room wall unit it a complete street scene. They come alive at night when the lights go on...
We even have street lights.
There is a vignette that centers around skaters on the frozen river...
and another with a Vicar standing in front of his cathedral.
There is the obligatory English castle...and a housewife buying her Christmas turkey...or is that a goose???And then there are the pubs. We have several.All of the streets are heavily populated with people running their Christmas errands or doing their jobs. In the scene below, there are children dragging home the yule log.

I hope you've enjoyed this brief tour of our Dickens Village streets. Next week I'm thinking of taking you on a tour of the 'City'.

Now please visit Susan at Thoughts from over the Rainbow. She's our hostess for Deck the Halls, and she'll have Mr. Linky up, running and ready to take you on a fabulous tour through homes decorated for the holidays.


  1. What an extensive village you have! I have a few houses, etc. but nothing like that. When I bought my first house the year they came out (candle shoppe) I was almost embarrassed, as I thought my fsmily would think I was foolish, but not so...they all like them and added to the collection. Your photos are lovely!

  2. What a beautiful collection of village houses you have.


  3. Nancy Jane-I have seen some large collections of this village, but nothing as big as this! How magnificent and what a labor of love! I know everyone who sees it is in awe...I don't know how you can stand to take it down. I love the Santa too; he sounds like a lot of work!

  4. I have been waiting until the kids were older to start a village...have always wanted one...maybe next year...yours is gorgeous!!! your whole post is filled with eye candy!!!

  5. What a beautiful collection of villages. I have been so tempted over the years to start a village, but I don't have the room for one.

  6. What a magical home! Thanks for taking us on a tour. This was pure delight! ~ Sarah

  7. wow what a beautiful home you have and the villages are just amazing, they are so wonderful, I could get lost in the scenes, they are so amazing to have up for the holidays, love it all....

  8. I especially like your double steepled church over the Old Country Roses china. We used to display our very small village, but the last two years I have only unpacked the church. It is the piece that means the most to me.

  9. Me again - Thanks for stopping by. That house was at the location where I went to a luncheon on Monday. I am not sure it had any gingerbread in it, but sure had a little of everything else. I have more photos I took, and will do a post on it when I get a chance to sort them out.

  10. Thank you for inviting me into your beautiful home. What a joy!
    They are beautiful! Thanks

  11. That is some collection. But it is fabulous. I love how you have it all displayed. And your Father Christmas is fabulous!!!

  12. What work you go to! Thanks, I loved your photos!

  13. WOW!!! That is just fabulous!
    And your house looks so pretty in the snow! Beautiful..
    Merry Christmas, Nancy!


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