Thursday, October 29, 2009

Foodie Friday - One Roast Pork, Four Meals

Last Sunday I made a traditional roast pork dinner. With only my husband and me in the house now, we had plenty of leftovers and managed to put them to good use.

One night we had an improvised version of Hu Tieu do Bien, a Vietnamese soup. It's fast and easy when you add the thinly sliced cooked pork just before serving.
Next up was a batch of guilt free Roast Pork Egg Fu Yung. Making the pancakes in a non-stick skillet really reduces the calories.

For the sauce,I used defatted leftover gravy as the base, and enhanced it with a dash of soy, a bit of mirin, a little rice wine vinegar, and a few drops of sesame oil.
Tasted like the restaurant version. Always does.

Tonight, we thoroughly enjoyed another round of the Asian Street Sandwiches that I did a post on back in June. They're always a treat.

With such different dishes, we didn't grow tired of eating the same meat all week, but just to change things up a bit, I may have to declare next week vegan!

Please go visit Designs by Gollum to see who else has cooked something up for Foodie Friday.


  1. These recipes look so delicious...wish you could send some of those left overs to Australia...
    Thanks for sharing your great ideas!
    Best wishes, NM.

  2. Nancy Jane, what a great post. It's wonderful to see such thought going into meal preparation. Better still is the fact that all four dishes are delicious. I'm so glad I stopped by.

  3. Loved the vegan for me!

  4. I too love to make leftovers something completely different! Thank you for your suggestions

  5. What a GREAT!!! post and the idea of four meals with one pork roast. I love Egg Fu Yung.


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