Friday, April 24, 2009

Foodie Friday - Spring Fling

One of our favorite Spring vegetables is asparagus, and perhaps the way we like it best is in a stir fry with carrots, fresh ginger and a dash of soy sauce. Paired with teriyaki glazed Salmon and a wild rice medley, courtesy of Uncle Ben, it's a meal that can be on your plate in about 30 minutes.
It's the perfect, easy meal to prepare after a day spent working in the garden.

Looking for more Springtime meal ideas? Stop by Designs by Gollum and see the offerings for this installment of Foodie Friday.


  1. Nancy Jane, this looks delicious. We love salmon and the way you've served it is much like I do. Hmmm, I have some fresh asparagus...rice...all I need is the salmon!

  2. We love salmon and of course, asparagus -- I've never done it with carrots but perhaps next time. We most often roast ours. Easy to do while we finish up the pre dinner martini!

  3. First I am going to Martha's for the pre dinner martini and then I will be over for the beautiful and extremely healthy salmon dinner at your place. I live in the Vancouver, B.C. area so salmon is often for dinner here.
    Thanks for having me over.

  4. Happy Foodie Friday to you, Nacy Jane!

    This is my first Foodie Friday and thank you for sharing your lovely Spring menu.

    The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

  5. I love salmon..this looks delicious.

  6. I just came in from my garden this morning, and it is already getting too hot to work. I see this lovely meal with ingredients that I bought yesterday. I know what's for dinner tonight at our house! Thanks Nancy Jane, you have such a lovely blog. Your flowers are jumping right out at me through the screen. Have a wonderful weekend.


  7. Your spring dinner looks wonderful! Salmon is probably my favorite fish. Is that a little wasabi on the side? Very pretty.

    Thank you for the visit today and I really enjoyed looking at your blog. I spotted the butter lambs that you made on the bottom - SO CUTE!

  8. oh nancy jane, im munching on potatoe chips but after seeing this delightful dinner you have made, suddenly they just arent tasting too good thanks for sharing.

  9. Your meal has beautiful presentation and I'm certain it is equally as delicious.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Nola @ The Bloom Girls

  10. Hi Nancy,
    Thanks for the tip about a future inexpensive coffee pot. I too have tried a couple of the more expensive models and the cheapy Mr. Coffee has lasted longer and the coffee has been equally as good.
    Why is it I don't take the same advice that I give my kids....spending more doesn't always make it better.....

    Have a great weekend!
    Nashville, TN

  11. Hi Nancy! This really looks like the perfect Spring meal! So healthy looking too :0)

  12. Looks delicious, Nancy..
    I am itching to get into the garden..soon!

  13. This looks so delish! Jacob loves Salmon. ~ Robyn

  14. I like the fact that this can all be ready in a short period of time for a nice mid week meal when I am so busy. Thanks for sharing. Have a good Sunday.


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