Saturday, April 4, 2009

Bunnies On Parade

I usually pull out my bunnies at the beginning of Lent, and don't put them away until it feels like summer. Last year, I 'thinned out' the collection, and hauled quite a few to the white elephant sale at our church fair. This year, when I started to unpack them, it seemed like their numbers had grown again, and I swear I have kept my promise not to buy any more! I'm starting to wonder what goes on in those sealed cartons. It must be true that rabbits do multiply quickly.

I probably still have too many, but there will be no more downsizing. Only my favorites are left, and I'll always find a spot for all of them.
Perhaps the one I favor the most, is this little guy riding a rooster. I have to smile every time I walk by him...
but I also like the other rabbits in my new smaller stash. I like the rabbits who are good friends...

and the bunnies who pretend to be chocolate.
These sophisticates are here to stay.
The small, cuter than a button youngsters will always have a home...

This classic bunny is a keeper,
as is the lop eared.
The rabbits that work, have earned their keep. Some push wheelbarrows...

some haul carts...
some carry flowers...

while others hold eggs...

or candles.
Some just stand around looking pretty while they wait for the Easter Parade.
This fella is handsome, but way to large for most shelves.

There are rabbits over the mantle and on the mantle.

The potholders...

and dishtowls have rabbits on them too!

Oh, and can't forget the bunnies that serve at table...

or the mamas with their young 'uns.

I still love my rabbits, although the live outdoor rabbits have destroyed large chunks of my gardens over the winter. If I could, I'd like to do this with all of them...
Come to think of it, that may solve the rabbit population explosion too! Anyone know how to tell a boy ceramic bunny from a girl ceramic bunny, and where can I buy a bunch of glass domes, cheap???


  1. Hi Nancy Jane...Oh're a lover of bunnies too! There is something so sweet about their little faces...but the live ones can be a real nuisance! ;-) Bo

  2. wow, you sure do have a large collection, but it is hard to resist such little cuties and those ones sure do look like real chocolate, thanks for sharing

  3. You do have quite the collection!! I love them all but the guy on the rooster is just so unique and cute! Thanks for sharing them all here.

  4. You have some of the prettiest bunnies I've ever seen! There were probabl 5 bunnies that I thought I need! That one riding the rooster is adorable, and I loved all of the vintage looking ones. I really enjoyed this post. laurie

  5. Oh Nancy Jane now girl you have some bunnies here..I loved them all..but the one under the colche is what I would like to do with my outside ones tulips are just coming up and they ate them all..thanks for coming by...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  6. Nancy Jane, your bunnies are wonderful! I especially like the bunny riding the rooster!

  7. You have some really cute bunnies. Glad to meet you!

  8. What an excellent collection of bunnies!

  9. Hi Nancy Jane! Wow! What a beautiful collection of rabbits! Oh, I can help you out about deciding which are girls or boys ceramics? Just look at the eyes - eyelashes - girls. No eyelashes - boys! ;) Now, doens't that help!
    Be a sweetie and hope you'll come back to see me sometimes.
    Shelia ;)

  10. GM Nancy Jane, thanks for coming by girl..what you have snow? oh girl I am so tired of snow here also..last week it was like spring time and I just wanted to refluff my nest and then Bam it snow again here on Tuesday...when that happens I just want to stay in my pj's and cover up on the couch ha ha!! May you have a great Easter...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  11. Nancy Jane, you are really somebunny! collector. They are all adorable...

  12. You have a wonderful collection of bunnies! If they "make" any extra bunnies this year - just send them over to my house -- they can just ride the rooster on over!


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