Friday, March 13, 2009

Foodie Friday - Leprechaun Bait

I have reason to believe that a Leprechaun has invaded our home. There's just no other plausible explanation for some of the shenanigans that have been going on around here.

Things have gone missing. (First my good sewing scissors disappeared, then a whole box of small ceramic pieces vanished.) The cat has been chasing something, (someone?), around the house that we can't see. (Sure, he does this all of the time, but it's been worse lately.) The computer is doing weird things, and to top it all off, someone ate the last dish of chocolate pudding. I found the empty bowl in the sink!

Last Sunday, after yet another futile attempt to locate the missing ceramics, my husband and I decided that we needed brunch. I suddenly had a strange craving for corned beef hash and eggs, so we headed to the kitchen.
As we sat down to eat, I had an idea. Why not lure our little mischief maker out into the open with food? Maybe I could catch him, get my things back, and put a stop to his Tom foolery. Of course, there was also the pot of gold to consider. What a bonus...I'd probably net enough to buy a large china closet and stock it with Lenox and Villeroy and Boch!

I found the tiniest bowl in the kitchen, and filled it with some hash.
Now all we had to do was wait, and watch. Of course, after eating we were a little drowsy, so my husband went off to watch TV, while I headed to the office and the comfortable chair at the computer. I wanted to scan the hundreds of pictures we've been taking to see if maybe we caught the Leprechaun on film. I didn't find any pictures of our little friend, but I did find a picture of one of the many rainbows that we see from the hills.

Just in case you're not believing my tale, I submit this as more proof to substantiate my theory.
That rainbow ends on the east mountain, but it was too chilly and damp to check that area out, so I decided to see if I could find more evidence at the local shops.

On the way out the door, I remembered the 'Leprechaun bait' that we left in the kitchen. Faith and begorrah! It was gone. The slippery little urchin ate and ran! Maybe I'll have better luck hunting for clues at the stores...

I didn't have much luck while shopping until I got to the local candy store. The little rascal was obviously one step ahead of me. He dropped a few coins, his pipe and a shamrock.

Frustrated, I went home to whip up another batch of 'bait'. This time I'd make bangers and colcannon. Surely, that would be a dish that would lure any Leprechaun into a trap, and oh yes, we'd have to keep a closer watch.

The bangers are simply pork sausages, while colcannon is mashed potatoes combined with chopped cabbage and onions that have been sauted in bacon drippings. Add crumbled bacon, salt, pepper, milk and butter to taste. It's a great meal for a chilly day, and extremely satisfying. In fact, it's so satisfying that I took a short nap on the couch. You guessed it...another botched attempt to get my pot of gold.
I only had one last morsel left to use as bait, but I decided to eat it myself. These 'Babycakes' were too good to waste on a Leprechaun who has been giving me nothing but grief.

You can find the recipe for these fabulous cupcakes at the Food Network website...just search Babycakes, but beware...the recipe makes a hugh amount.
Oh, and Mr. Leprechaun, if you give me my ceramics back, I'll make you a whole batch of Babycakes. I need my napkin holders for Easter!
Now please stop over at Designs by Gollum and see what the other folks participating in Foodie Friday have been feeding their Leprechauns.


  1. What a cute you know why no one has ever seen a Leprechaun (slipperty 'lil critters) lol

  2. Hi Nancy Jane...what a fun post!! You told a wonderful story to go along with the delicious looking photos...I really enjoyed it!
    ;-) Bo

  3. Nancy Jane, this was absolutely and utterly delightful! Beautifully told with equally beautiful pictures and fun foods to boot! I loved this post. Truly made me smile! Very, very clever, indeed and worthy of a leprechaun! :-)

    Happy FF and St. Paddy's!

    Erin go brauch...


    Sheila :-)

  4. Cute post, Nancy Jane!

    The food looks delicious!

  5. Fun post; hope he lets you have your ceramics soon. Thanks for sharing these yummy items today! Happy Friday!

  6. GM Nancy Jane, now this was a fun post girl..and I hope you catch that critter and soon..may you have a blessed day..hugs and smiles Gl♥ria Oh gagin they goes my brain...I fogot to tell you those potaotes with cabbage sound wonderful..

  7. Love reading about your tale while enjoying your food too!...Chrisine

  8. Great post..yes, bangers and mash..delicious..
    Great post..
    Oh, catch the leprechaun at my blog, on the 17th..bring your dancing shoes!

  9. That was the cutest post! I LOVED that! Perhpas you will have luck with the babycakes! FABULOUS! I loved that!

  10. That colcannon and the baby cakes are calling out to me. What a fun post!!

  11. You are so clever....the food and the hunt were so fun! Linda

  12. The colcannon sounds very good. I've never added cabbage to my potatoes. I love the Irish music and I hope you catch the rascal stealing your dishes.

  13. What a fun post!! I believe the little devils are at my house too! Thanks for stopping by!

  14. Thank you for an adorable post. Very clever!
    I'll have to stop by again soon. Thanks for coming by my place today! Sorry to hear you don't have a Trader Joe's, but to tell you the truth I only started going there last summer even though we have had one a short distance from us for years. I am sure you have something equally good nearby! Love your blog. Love, Paula

  15. Cute post! Good Food! Happy St. Patrick's Day! I hope you finally spot your little leprechaun! ~ Robyn

  16. Really cute post. Happy St. Pat's Day.

  17. This post made my heart happy; it was so much fun to read, like being cheered up by a dear friend.
    And the recipes look fabulous.

  18. This was a TERRIFIC post! You are GOOD!!!! Pinky


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