Monday, January 24, 2011

Saturday Centus - Closetman

Jenny Matlock
Do you know the drill?  On Saturday, Jenny Matlock gives you a prompt and you have to write a story in 100 words or less. Fortunately for me, the prompt is not included in the 100 words.  Of course I forgot that this week, (cut me some slack I'm new to this meme), and it came up four words over!  I started to pull out some lustrous locks, but stopped short once I remembered this 'gift.'

To make things even more interesting this week, your story must be Sci-Fi!  Oh, Jenny Matlock!    Sci-Fi???  My least favorite genre!  How clever of you.  How diabolical.  I'm here to exercise my shrinking brain and expand my limited horizons.  You've thrown me a challenge and I can't resist.  So here's my submission.  The prompt is in red.



"Mommy, the man's in my closet again."

"Oh Sweetie," she sighed.  "We looked twice this week. No one's there."

Tiny sobs.

"Okay, get in bed with Daddy.  I'll check."

In her sleep deprived state, she stumbled to Bobby's room, and on impulse crawled under the Sponge Bob comforter.

She never did decide if she was awake or asleep when she heard the man's voice:

"Damn it! I'm in the kids closet again. The first time I thought it was an innocent mistake. The second time I thought the coordinates weren't erased.  But a third time?" 

"Beam me up, Scottie...we need to talk."

When I do like Sci-Fi, it has to be humorous, like the short parody Hardware Wars.
  What?  You haven't seen it?  Ah, you're probably too young.  If you have a strange sense of humor and want to give it a view, click on the title.  Please do this after you click on the Saturday Centus button and read the other stories. That's what I'm gonna do.  You'll really like what ya read!


  1. Oh what fun! Well done you - really clever!

  2. I like the humorous take too!~Ames

  3. Oh, funny...the mom got a surprise! Can't you see her eyes popping open in the dark!

  4. LOVE IT! This is adorable, very creative

  5. Oh Bravo! I loved this. I groaned when I read this week's challenge, but you really made the best of it. Well done. Kat

  6. Wow, a wrong place to land in...well atleast the kid's story won't remain made up...a great take on the prompt.

  7. Very clever and so much fun. Great job with this.

  8. What an innocent mistake! Lol :)

  9. Oh, that was excellent! Loved it!

  10. You are ridiculously cool.

    What a great read. I am both smiling and astonished by your mad writing skill here.

    This really sucked me in!

    Thank you, thank you!

    I needed this smile this afternoon.


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