Thursday, April 29, 2010

Foodie Friday - cocoPop

When bloggers get crazy busy they don't blog.  When bloggers who usually write about food get busy, they don't blog or cook.  In my case, life has gotten hectic, and I've been doing minimal cooking that will leave enough left over for a second or even third meal. Oh, and I don't stop to take photos. Even though last night's meatloaf was fabulous, I didn't have time to coax it into becoming photogenic.  We ate it, I dumped the dishes in the sink, and ran to a meeting. So lately food has to be simple in our house, that's why I like this new product that we recently discovered in Wegman's, our local upscale supermarket.

Let me introduce you to cocoPop rice cakes.

They're nifty whole grain 'cakes', about 5" in diameter, that are freshly 'shot' from an exotic machine right in the store.  (Think puffed rice here.)  The first time we heard them being made, I thought it was a gun shot!  Luckily, I did not embarrass myself by diving into the cheese counter.  I love Wegman's and do wish to keep shopping there.

Here's what an unadorned cocoPop looks like. 
Nothing special, and rather plain tasting.  (Think rice cake.)

They do look better stacked, don't you think?
And they'll look even better to you when you read this label...
That's right, only 16 calories each, no fat, no cholesterol, and only 4g of carbohydrates!  I think this may be the new miracle food.  With those low numbers, you can put hummus, or other spreads on these babies and not feel guilty.  Put some pico de gallo on them and you're burning up all of the calories that have just entered your mouth by the simple act of chewing!   (One cake + 1/4 cup pico de gallo = 34 can you beat that???)

Of course, I've discovered that they are best with Nutella.  Oh my, oh my...How that changes the calories.  One cake + 2Tbsp. Nutella, (no sense skimping), = 216 calories.  Hey, it was dessert! Still not too shabby!
I have no way of knowing how widely available this product is nationwide, but if you spot them in your local supermarket give them a try.  Oh, and don't forget the Nutella!

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  1. Things have been crazy around here as well - for us it's garden season and we have tons of outside work waiting. Meal times are not pretty - even if they are tasty! I personally think that everything is better with Nutella! :)

  2. We love these rice cakes too. .with peanut butter!

  3. I have had these..a machine pops them out right in front of your eyes!
    It's a store called Uncle Giuesepe's..great Italian products etc. There's one in Smithtown.
    I hope you are have been MIA..
    Let me know the date in June!

  4. We've been busy post Christmas digging out from all our snow :)

    I love these rice cakes! I had them for the first time recently as a sample at Coscto.


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