Thursday, January 28, 2010

Foodie Friday - Cheatin' Pizza

Meet my new best friend... Yes, it's that cute little Poppin' Fresh, and he brought me a pizza crust! That's a good thing to have on hand when you've had a hectic day, all of a sudden it's 6PM, and you need a quick, easy dinner. (This is especially true when it's really, really cold outside, and a trip to the local pizza joint just isn't gonna happen.)

My husband and I like thin, crisp crust, so first we roll the dough out with a rolling pin on a large, very lightly oiled cookie sheet.
It goes into a hot oven for a few minutes to crisp up a little,
Then my sous-chef, aka: husband, will cover the crust with sauce and toppings. This particular 'pie' is half white, which is a mixture of ricotta, grated pecorino romano and shredded mozzarella. We ran a small clove of garlic through the press and chopped some fresh basil, then tossed those seasonings into the cheese mixture as well.
Now back into the hot oven for about 12 minutes, (NB: After 5 minutes, your house will smell like a wonderful Italian restaurant. It's a nifty bonus!)

Now for the finished product...
Start to finish this only took us 25 minutes, and there's always enough left over for lunch the next day. Best of all, it was piping hot, because it didn't have to take a ride in a cold car and be carried though a 16 degree night.
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  1. WOW! Nancy Jane, you just told this old dog a new trick! I didn't know you could buy pizza doll from Pillsbury. WOW! Thanks for the heads up, and your pizza looks delicious.

    Happy Foodie Friday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Your pizza looks very yummy. I can almost smell it! I use that Pillsbury pizza crust too because I just can't seem to make dough.

  3. I'm putting this on my shopping list! Your pizza looks fabulous, Nancy Jane!

  4. Your pizza looks perfect! I will have to look for that dough at my local grocer. Did you know that some grocery stores actually sell the pizza dough ready to go. I just asked mine that had a bakery section and they went in back and brought it out for me. Now I am in the mood for pizza and I haven't had breakfast yet! Thanks for sharing this today!

  5. You had me at the title--who could resist a story of cheatin' and food? No me. No way. This recipe is going into the Halls of Foodie Fame. It's perfect! I hadn't thought to roll out the dough or to cook it a little before adding the soggy stuff. Genius!

  6. That looks excellent!! Sorry I am late, but I have been spending day after day with DELL...what would I do if I worked..I mean it is like a full time job trying to get them to fix what they did!

  7. Hi! I am new to your blog and I love it. I'm always on the look out for short cuts.


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