Thursday, May 14, 2009

Foodie Friday - Train Wreck Edition

A Recipe for Disaster:

One heaping cup of arrogance
One dollop of impatience
One wet potholder
One hot cake pan
A major amount of stupidity

Blend all of these ingredients together and this is the result...

The recipe said to let the cake cool completely in the tube pan. Why would I follow those directions? I'm a hot shot, experienced baker, right? And I was in a hurry, so I used a pot holder that had fallen into the sink and was a little wet. Wet potholder + hot cake pan = steam. Steam = burned hand. Burned hand causes hot shot baker to drop cake on counter. Cake deflates like a punctured balloon.

After holding hand under cold running water, I run for the camera. Husband turns in to "The Cleaner" and disposes of all large pieces of cake on counter. (Yes, he ate the broken pieces and declared that the cake tasted fine despite its pathetic appearance.)

The moral of this sad tale: Kitchen Train Wrecks - They keep you humble.

(And no, I did not give the cake the dignity of the prescribed glaze. No amount of glazing could repair that damage.)

Now go visit Designs by Gollum and see who else is sharing a kitchen disaster this week. It's so comforting to know that you're not alone!

(Please note that I'm still on break because of a heavy work load, but I hope to make the rounds and visit over the weekend.)


  1. I sure hope your hand is okay! That hurts to think about it. And even though you dropped the cake, it still looks good to me!


    Sheila :-)

  2. Ouch. I can feel your hand pain. I have to say that your post is so true and we have all been there in the kitchen doing this now and then.

  3. I have done the exact same thing...Happy Foodie Friday! Have a great weekend ~ Susan

  4. Yes, I believe I have been victim of "pride cometh before a fall" in the kitchen before also. Fortunately, it doesn't usually change the taste!

  5. Yes, I hear you. Every once in a while we need to be humbled. Glad you're ok.

  6. Oh No! That's too bad. But I bet it tasted okay anyway....and I hope your okay.....Robyn

  7. Oh, too bad. I'll have to save that recipe :)

  8. Oh this was hysterical! Thanks for my laughs for the night. I hope you didn't burn your hand too badly. laurie

  9. I was so afraid your train wreck was going to be the cheese danish..:)
    That's what icing is for to cover a multitude of sins!( I remember a nun I had say that's what a mantle was
    Bet it was delicious anyway!
    Have a great weekend!

  10. OUCH!!! That does seem painful... to your pride & to your hand. When I do something like that it is usually when I have guests coming. I hope your hand is okay...;-) Bo

  11. Oh dear. When I have a kitchen disaster its usually when I'm rushing or trying to take a shortcut. Just chalk it up to experience I guess.

  12. This all sounds too familiar. Keep those stories coming it keeps me feeling human when I make cupcakes and forget to add the eggs. No kidding~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

  13. Ooops, sorry about that. I hope your hand is better. The tart mama looks really good. I copied the recipe. Thanks...Christine

  14. My heart aches for your burned hand, and for the wrecked cake. I am still carrying a scar from my springform pan disaster. The things we do for food!!!! :-) I love this whole post. It's brilliant.
    XX 00


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