Thursday, January 8, 2009

Winter visitors...

Wednesday, in the midst of a bone chilling snow, sleet, freezing rain 'event', several deer ventured down the ravine next to our house. It was fascinating to watch them from my bedroom window as they scampered through the trees. (I do like me my creature comforts and firmly believe that when the temperature is 18 degress, and there's a stiff wind, it's best to marvel at the beauty of nature from indoors...)

Here's Mr. Buck striking a classic pose.

He was quite handsome and not in the least bit shy when he spotted me taking pictures. Good thing he came close enough to the house for me to take a few shots from inside, because there was no way that I was going to take my good camera outdoors in that miserable weather. Also a good thing that he didn't come in to my yard to snack on the shrubs. Sure he's good lookin', but if he destroys my garden, he stands a chance of becoming a good looking piece of venison...


  1. Linda/ "Mom..."January 11, 2009 at 1:28 AM

    WHAT A JOY to SEE, and right from your own WINDOWS!!! If I PROMISE to come and REPLANT whatever he eats, could he pleeeeease safely STAY??? He's soooo beautiful, and there's ALWAYS an Albertsons or Safeway! Thanks ~ I feeeel better now! Linda

  2. he's beautiful! I remember watching herds of them eat away at my mom's flowers...she would smile and say...well...God made me plant them there for a reason I guess!
    just think of him as a gardener of sorts...a little pruning?
    I am sorry he is eating away all your hard work....maybe put something with a human scent around there...I have also heard that if your husband pees all around the will scare them off....(male urine won't harm your vegetation either)....I gross...and vulgar hey?
    thanks for the is a very long and hard weekend here...hope next week is slower and easier!

  3. Hi Nancy Jane so nice to meet you. I'm in PA also. Stop by for a visit soon.
    We have various wildlife too. The post above got me laughing. I suppose it might work and would be considered wildlife too, especially by my neighbors!

  4. LOL that last line cracked me up....."see the pretty deer...I love the pretty deer...YOUR LUNCH BUDDY IF YOU EAT MY SHRUBBERY"!!! Too funny...and great photos!

  5. What gorgeous wildlife photos. I'm glad the deer didn't leap over the fence. Recently some type of critter has been eating my pansies. I wonder if its deer?
    Take care,

  6. Hi & thanks for coming by my blog today. We have some of those same "critters" in my neighborhood. I get most afraid that I'll hit them. I scrolled through your blog to get to your June post, and have to say that your flowers were beautiful. Makes me SO ready for spring, but I'm sure I have nothing on you if it's 18 degrees there! How wild is it that both of our cookie jars are holding their little babies. Come back sometime near Easter, as I'm going to show some of my bunnies! Lord knows, I collect EVERYTHING...but spiders! Come by anytime!

  7. come back soon girl. I miss you! I am so looking forward to seeing "our" sloped garden in it's second year...I am looking into the rabbit issue for you...sometimes we get mad at those wild critters whos space we are using for our gardens...I have a jack rabbit that nibbles on my flowers too.
    talk to you soon sweetie!


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