Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just a little Christmas spirit to (Yule) tide us over

Haven't had much time to post because of a gazillion projects, including one BIG one, so just a little Christmas, right this very minute...


  1. Nancy,
    I don't mind one bit! I love that song, and for that matter, many of the songs that are the Mercyme, "The Christmas Sessions" album. Take a listen to some of the snippets on Amazon or itunes. I highly recommend it. Love that lovely Christmas tree in your living room. Just gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by! You're welcome to "borrow" anything anytime!

  2. hey girl...long time no talk! I do hope you have a happy new year...are you ready to garden with me this spring? I can't wait to see how our hills look next year!

  3. I contacted my friend, the mother of Bart Millard, who wrote "Joseph's Song" that plays when you open your blog. They were friends of mine when Bart was a toddler. He has really had a nice career of writing songs and singing. My friend is so proud of her son. She didn't know how to Comment on your blog, so I am doing it for her. THANK YOU for using his song. Bart and his family live in Greenville, TX. I moved away from there years ago.

    Betty in Oklahoma


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