Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Last Rose (Gladiolus?) of Summer

Yesterday...yes, September 5th...this beauty decided to honor us with her presence. As an after thought, I planted a handful of gladiolus bulbs very late in the season and I didn't think that they would have enough time to bloom, but they're fooling me, and they couldn't have arrived at a better time. I've been in a funk lately and this little lady and her sisters are helping to snap me out of it. I stuck support stakes in when they were planted, but so far haven't needed them. Of course after 21 days with no rain, we're finally going to get a drenching tomorrow, and I'll probably be out there during the deluge to check on them. I'd be really peeved, except we desperately need the rainfall.

The other 5 are ready to pop! Here's hoping they pull through.


  1. Morning girl....oh this brings tears to my eyes and a flood of memories to my heart...gladiolas are some of the most glorious blooming flowers & my uncle Lonnie grew a huge garden of them every was his favorite flower..he was a tall rough & tough country man and had huge fields of Silver Queen corn every year that he sold at the local Farmer's Markets...people bought it by the truck loads...we got a load every years and for days me & mama would shuck & clean the corn and then mama would cut it off the cob with an antique corn cutter that I still have hanging on my kitchen wall to this day..she would put up over 200 quarts of some of the thickest & best cream corn you have ever tasted....but in the mist of all my uncles farm you would see his glorious gladiolas...when he died the family covered his grave with that precious flower...beautiful post girl and thanks so much for the sweet memory this morning! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Nancy Jane :)

    I hope they pull through. They're gorgeous!!

    I hope what ever is making you sad gets better :)


  3. Ah, they're just gorgeous and look so happy! Okay, why have you been in a funk? Is it because you had a visit with the kids and now they're gone again? {{{{{{{{{{NJ}}}}}}}}}}

    Justine :o )

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous end of Summer gift!

  5. stopping by to pay you a visit, your glads are beautiful and i hope they have cheered you up and you are now feeling better....hugs!!!!

  6. Very pretty. I love yellow flowers.

    First time visitor here.


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